BELOW THE BIBLE BELT BOOK 38 – New Beginnings pt. 2

In which the good ol’ boys **** up their own dramatic return two weeks late, but make up for it with an episode RIPPED FROM THE HEADLINES (of the summer). Listen as Matt gets pulled back into the game, and uncovers the seedy underbelly of the South Carolina bass fishing world. Then also listen again as James debunks phrenology once and for all, and plays Buddha’s Accountant to Matt’s Devil’s Advocate, while the two debate This Day In Gay History, and Colin Hanks is corrupted by the madness of the world. THIS PODCAST IS WEARING A WIRE!



In this edition of Pulp Commentary, WE HAVE THE POWERRRR… but not a lot of money. So, half of this commentary takes place on earth, inexplicably. But, utilizing our Casio keyboard to assist Dolph Lundgren as He-Man in battling Frank Langella as Skeletor (a credit that never ceases to be fun to say) we still manage to save the cosmos from evil! So, to Eternia, dear listeners! For we’re watching Cannon Films’ MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE!

Box Office Pulp – ZODIAC Commentary Track

This is The Box Office Pulp Crew Speaking. We are the podcasters who recorded the BOP ‘n A Movie feature commentary for David Fincher’s underrated modern classic, ZODIAC. We would very much like to see you listeners wearing some nice BOP buttons in the vein of “Where’s the Beef?” But… that’s neither here nor there. If our spooky executioner hoods haven’t scared you off yet, you should come join us this balmy summer night circa 1969 as we watch this often-forgotten true crime epic. Just be wary of any strangers stepping out of the darkness.

Pulp Commentary – Silent Night, Deadly Night

In this edition of Pulp Commentary, it’s X-Mas in July! And the boys… you know what, no. We’re not even going to do it this time. This movie has taken things too far. Santa Claus has claimed too many lives for these injustices to go on! Kids, don’t enable this… this red suited MONSTER to keep annually invading your lives with promises of toys! It’s not worth it! Why, you ask? Well, he’s a killer! And by that we mean a killer of cinema! Witness, for the first time, a movie so bad that it breaks the mold. The movie that nearly KILLED Pulp Commentary. We’re of course talking about the Holiday slasher that somehow spawned five sequels and a remake: Silent Night, Deadly Night. Please, punish it. PUNISH!

Box Office Pulp – Lost Soul: The Doomed Journey of Richard Stanley’s Island of Dr. Moreau

We all experience failure from time to time. And when that failure concerns animal people, voodoo magic, pig lady orgies, and Albino Brando, some of us have to go to a Necromancer named Skip for a little help. Join the BOP Crew as they delve into the documentary, LOST SOUL: THE DOOMED JOURNEY OF RICHARD STANLEY’S ISLAND OF DR. MOREAU, and narrowly avoid being replaced by John Frankenheimer in the process. Dashed dreams, Val Kilmer, and the littlest man in the world on piano? We’re well versed in at least one of those things already.

Pulp Commentary – The King of Kong: A Fistful Of Quarters

In this edition of Pulp Commentary, we enter a seedy underground world, where the competition is fierce, and those who lose have their lives ripped away from them, drifting into shameful obscurity like embers flaking in wind. A coin slides into a slot, a machine flickers to life, 8-bit sounds jingle in a cacophony of whimsy. An ape stands tall at the top of the screen. But the real enemy for Mr. Steve Wiebe is not the ape. But an evil far more devious, far more cunning. One who will stop at nothing to knock the poor teacher down from the mountain he has spent his life climbing. The bearded menace wrapped in the red, white, and blue; the self proclaimed barbeque GOD, the fuhrer of high scores… Billy Mitchell. He. Must. Be. Stopped. Is The Wiebe the man for the job? Who will be The King of Kong!?

Box Office Pulp – Maniac (2012)

Push that cassette into the player and pump up the volume of that synth score, because it’s time for another Mini BOP! And for this one, you are NOT to go out tonight. You are to stay home with JAMES and MIKE… as they discuss the horror remake ‘MANIAC’! Starring Elijah Wood and his many mannequins.


In the first returning installment of the series that examines all literature involving capes, cowls, and tights, Aristocratic Alex Koch and Maniacal Mike Napier journey upon a flashback to the year 2002 as they revisit the classic comic book arc that took the genre by storm and re-launched the careers of two of the industry’s top talents. It’s a game of chess that involves conspiracy, murder, romance, betrayal, and the most epic confrontation between The Dark Knight and The Man of Steel ever committed to page. But why does this story deserve the acclaim it once heralded, and what does it have to say about the legacy of Batman? What impact should the arc have had on DC Comics’ bestselling title? And why has the story been mislabeled for years as a mystery? All this and more are discussed as the two break down Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee’s 12-issue opus – BATMAN: HUSH.

Box Office Pulp – JAWS Commentary Track

Just when you thought it was safe to go back on the internet, the Box Office Pulp crew emerges from the depths, bringing with them the very first BOP ’n A Movie! That’s right, the normal podcast wasn’t enough… so we’re gonna need a bigger BOP! In this inaugural feature commentary, MB, James, Mike, and Cody put on their snorkels like half-assed astronauts and go swimmin’ with bowlegged women as they discuss the king of summer blockbusters: JAWS!

Below The Bible Belt Minisode – Hattergate

In which Matt, Alex, and a very, very, very, very, very sleepy James go on a bit of a strange tangent. ACTUALLY IT’S ABOUT ETHICS IN RIDDLING